Sunday, 8 February 2015

A City Wide Prank

A cement remote in Redfern
A cement remote in Redfern

In Redfern I found a TV remote made of cement, fixed to the ground and wedged in the pavement between two different structures so that it won't be seen outside of certain angles and perspectives. I suppose you could call it graffiti in 3D, guerilla art or a prank to see how many naive folk would try and fail at prying it up. It is akin to an old gag where a wad of money is bound to string that's dangled in front of a poor old sod to see if they will go after it when you continually pull it away! 

After seeing this I always had it in the back of my mind, thinking where I saw this first; the pylons suspending the tracks of the closed Sydney Monorail. I had decided to make my way over to capture and see it one last time before they are gone along with this unloved mode of transport. 

Moving from pylon to pylon I saw that each 'sticker' was a memory of our typical life; remotes, mobiles, crushed soft drink cans and even a model of cracked baby doll. Each one was so old, rugged, scratched or had small [hopefully was a cold day] penises engraved into them that it made each look like an artifact or souvenir of daily life.

With the monorail closed to make way for a new exhibition and convention centre it means that the pylons will be trashed along with these beautiful moments of everyday life. Hopefully others who appreciate these pieces like me will be able to successfully scratch them off and give them a second life. 

Gloves stuck as guerilla art

Crushed soft drink can stuck as guerilla art

Crushed soft drink can stuck as guerilla art

Baby doll as guerilla art

Mobile phone as guerilla art

Remote control as guerilla art